Monday, March 10, 2014

Nivea Diamond Volume collection

Hello hello …
Here am I whit a new post , this time for my Nivea Diamond Volume collection. 
I both it in a local shop near, without an intention to buy  a hair care products. Simply it was a new arrival to the shop, a see it and it seams interesting for me, so I decided to buy it also because the price was only 4,5 Euros  for the both products.
And it seams like a great product from the first use. The shampoo has great citrus smell , it is light and makes your hair shine and gives her volume. Only thing that I don’t like about it, it’s that my hair gets oily just after a day.
The conditioner is also a great product, but whit a little bit of different smell, not so strong like the shampoo. It makes your hair smooth and shiny, instantly looking like you just walk out of a hair salon. I like this product more than the shampoo. 

  In the end , I must say, it was a great deal buying this two products, because about 4,5 Euros I got a hair care collection that I can use everyday , and not damaging my hair, but repairing it.    

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