Friday, March 21, 2014

Review Golden Rose rich color nail lacquers

Hi girls..          
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And now the post for today …

This is a new line of nail lacquer by Golden rose, and I’m absolutely in love whit it. In my previous posts all of you were able to read about this products in my New in posts, but in this I’m going to write you details of this products and impressions of his use.
Product details :
Name of the company – Golden Rose
Country – Turkey
Product type – Rich color nail polish lacquer 10 ml bottle
Price – 1 euro 

First impression : I instantly start loving this product from the first moment that I sow it in the shop. The colors are great and they have a huge pallet of different colors great for this spring and summer. The price also was one of the positive thinks about this product. The package is in the same time cute ,elegant and glamorous.
My opinion : After 3 weeks of constantly using this products, I must say They are Amazing!!! I love it a lot. The price is great, the colors are vibrant , after applying they last for 5-6 days on your nails. Another positive think is the new innovative maxi brush why gives easy and perfect application in just one coat. Also the shine is high, and gives the nail lacquer gel effect.  
Evaluation  5/5

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