Monday, May 12, 2014

New In :April No.1

In this post , I’m going to present you my new products that I buy the lest month, and I must say , it was a BIG shopping month.
Because I buy so many products, I decide to divide them by use so you can see it better.
For the beginning I’m going to present you my new hair shampoos. I got 3 , 2 from Balea collection and one from Schwarzkopf. 
The Balea shampoos , I bought  them in DM for great price of 2 euro for the Balea professional shampoo , and 1 euro for the Balea volume shampoo.
Balea professional shampoo for long and beautiful hair- I read a lot of good thinks in a different blogs ,so when I sow it in the store , I instantly decided to buy it, I’m not regretting it because it’s a great product that gives my hair softness, healthy look and shine. It’s a silicon free product and that make your hair not heavy. Also his fragrance is sweet like a candy.
The Balea Volume shampoo whit cherry and jasmine extract-  To be honest whit you, I bought it because of the fragrance, it’s amazing and I love so much cherries, also I like shampoos that give volume to my hair, so this was a perfect combination for me.
Schwarzkopf Schauma regeneration shampoo – it’s one of the hair products that I like very much for 3 thinks, first it’s not expensive, it cost only 1,5 euro for 400ml, second great coconut fragrance that last for days, and third it gives lift up effect to the hair. 
When it comes to hair products , I also got a Schwarzkopf Taft hair spray with arganini strength formula , and Nivea ultra strong hair gel .
Body care products
Palmolive Mediterranean shower gel whit argan oil from Marocco and almond- my old Dove shower gel was finally empty, so I have to look for new one. I read a lot of about this product especially in the Serbian blogs, so I buy it. Until now, I have only positive experience whit it. 
Afrodita  calendula & chamomile extract hand and nail cream – interesting product that I buy for the first time, and I’m peaty amazed by the effect that this product makes to my skin. I think is great product and become one of my top 3 hand creams ever. 
Colgate MaxFresh tooth past whit cooling crystals-toothpast whit realy big cooling effect.
Nivea is one of my favorite brand when it comes to body care. I have a lot of different products from this brand, and I always have a positive experience whit it. So this month I buy 2 Nivea deo products. The first one is Nivea deo invisible for black and white ,and the other one is Nivea deo calm&care. I bought it a local store for price of 2,5 euro.
The last 3 products from this part are lip care products, 2 from Rosal (Magic glow and Hydro care), and 1 from Balea – whit cherry effect . I bought them for price of 1,5 euro each. I like the care they give to my lips, but I can’t say many thinks because I have use them just for a week. 
Because of the majority of the products that I buy this month , I’m going to split this post in 2 post .Next part read about my new nail products, foundation, eye shadows and lipsticks.

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