Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New In : March

Hi girls , here is my March New In post. As you can see, this month I was more shopping nail polishes, because the spring is here and also new collection of nail polishes.
Beside that, I also got 3 lip products, one hair product and one Avon collection.  

I got 4 Golden Rose rich color nail lacquers in colors (from the left) 103, 45, 07 and 106.I must say, I’m in love whit this line from Golden rose. It’s amazing. The colors are beautiful, the maxi brush is very good innovation because whit it you can apply your nail lacquer faster , they dry in a few seconds and last for 5-6 days. And the price is also acceptable , 1 euro for nail lacquer.

The lip products that I buy are (from the left) :
1. Don Juan lip stick in color 122 – this is a product that I buy for the first time. I haven’t use this type of lipsticks, but when I sow it in the shop, the packaging look very elegant to me so I decide to see the product. I like the color and the smell that this lipstick has. Also the texture of it is very good.
2. Rosal magic glow lip balm – I love the lip balms that this  company makes and I buy them all the time. This is a new for me, because I haven’t try it until now. It has a sweet packaging ,red whit a little kisses on it. It’s a lip balm whit  pomegranate extract that makes your lips perfectly soft, whit a little bit of shine and redness.  
3. Rosal violet touch – new lip balm product that is pigmented and gives a effect of a lip stick. It gives softness and color to your lips without drying the lips.   

Beside the nail polishes by Golden rose, I also buy 2 Rapsodi nail polishes named Conffeti in 2 colors , 127 gold and 120 white. They are interesting for making some details in the manicure. 

The hair product that I buy is Schwarzkopf Gliss ultimate volume express repair conditioner. I haven’t try it yet , but in first sight I think this is going to be a great product for my hair.  

And the last is the Avon Femme collection, that has perfume, deodorant and body lotion. I love the packaging of the collection, especially the bottle of the perfume , gorgeous, sweet ,feminine. The smell is great for the spring, it has flower notes that are combined perfectly.  

I almost forgot , the last product is my first Manhattan product ever, nail polish in color 57U, cherry red. It’s rich color, fast dry and very shiny nail polish , for what it’s one of my favorites for the moment.

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