Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring products !

Hi everyone! 
Spring is here, so I want to present you some make up and beauty products for this period.
Funny colors, light texture, great flower smells.  Here they are .. 
Garnier hand cream whit allantoin  - A great product for this period of the year, because the skin in your hands in spring gets so dry, this product will give u moisturizing and held hand skin. You can find it in every bigger market . 

Avon Renewing moisture hand cream – light texture product perfect for fast hydration of your hand skin. Interesting smell that lest for hours.
Oriflame hand scrub – this is the first scrub that I try ever , and I must say , it’s a great product for your hands. After  using it, the skin is so amazing beautiful , soft and clean of all dead skin. I use it 2 times a week , I put a little bit of it and stay for 5 min. After that I wash my hands whit a lot of water  and I put some hand cream. 

B.U heart beat perfume – this is a new product in to my collection. A got it like a present , and I instantly like it for this period of the year. It has sweet smell whit a little bit of flower, and also it stays for hours in your clothing. 

Oriflame Pure nature collection for face care – Blueberry and lavender extract  - Face washing gel and face cream, are the 2 products that makes this collection. Also a new product for me, but the first impression is gret. First the smell amazing, I love blueberries so much so I fall in love whit this collection instantly . A can’t say much about the effect that it makes because I have use it just ones, but after my firs washing whit this product my skin was soft and smelly like blueberry. 

Nivea Diamond Volume –Shampoo and conditioner – for this 2 product I already write in my early post . I’m so glad that I buy this 2 product , because the effect that they give to my hair is amazing.  
                      Avon Femme perfume- interesting flower smell , perfect for this spring days.  

Garnier skin naturals – cleaning face milk – this is one of my top favorite products of all time. I love the way it takes off all of my make up whit just one step. It’s smooth, it gives a silky and soft effect to my face skin.
Golden rose nail lacquers – for this spring I pick this 5 colors that are bright and funny.
Aura absolute shine lip gloss- great make up product, very pigmented and long lasting to my lips.
Essence quattro eye shadow pallet  - interesting mix of light colors grеаt for this spring.

Labello fruity shine – whit peach flavor – a lot of shine and great smell to your lips. Interesting peach color whit a lot of shimmers in it.
Golden rose Velvet matt lipstick – interesting pink color whit matt effect that looks amazing for evening go out. 
Malena vinyl lip gloss – two amazing colors, light pink and dark pink. Great for night out look .


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