Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Golden Rose nail collection!!!

Hello evryone ..

So here is my Golden Rose nail collection. In the begining I must say, this is my apsolut number one brand when it comes not only to nail polishes, also about lipsticks, eye pencils and lip pencils.
I love the colors they have, and the interesting and different lines of nail polishes that this company launched.
Whit this products, I can make my own manicure at home, not paying a lot of money to someone , just to put some nail polish on my nails. Beside of that, I adore doing my nails. It's time for me, my creativity and relaxation.

 Golden Rose Rich Color nail lacquer - a new line of nail lacquers from this compani. Great product, great colors , easy to apply. For now I have them in color 13,106 and 103.

 Golden RoseCarnival - interesting line of nail color that helps you to make in a easy way a interesting manicure. I have them in colors 12, 06,16,03 and 15.

  Golden Rose Selective nail lacquer - Interesting nail products whit great colors that are long lasting.

 Golden Rose Jolly Jewels nail lacquer - a new line in  Golden Rose, sparkle nail lacquer good for interesting detail work in home made manicure.

Golden Rose Matt and Matte satin nail lacquer - also new products in this compani, whit interesting colors and matte effect.

Golden Rose SParis nail lacquer - products whit shine and vibrant colors.

Golden Rose Graffiti nail lacquer, Golden Rose protein nail lacquer and Golden Rosenail art.

Golden Rose nail care mega shine top coat and Golden Rose Magnetic nail lacquer. 

Golden Rose Fantastic nail lacquers - interesting nail products , a big pallete of colors, great effect. For now I have them in color 140,122 and 212.

Golden RoseFashion nail lacquer - interesting product that it comes in small bottles and a big pallet of colors.I have them in color 93,24,50,51,103 and 72.

That is all for this post. 
Let me know if you're especially interested in some product, in the comments down below , to do a review about it.


  1. odlično :)
    za neke kolekcije nisam ni znala da imaju, kao što su ovi malci :)