Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring trio!

Hello everyone,
Today I want to show you 3 products that are going to be perfect for this spring. Few days ago , a go to buy some nail products and as always ,I come back whit a lot of stuff. So I want to show you this 3 products that I fall in love instantly.
 The first is Maybelline colorama single eye shadow  in blue-green color that I thing is going to be a great product because the turquoise color is one of the top for this season. Except of the color, the texture of this product is also great and the price too. The eye shadow comes whit an applicator.
The second is Misslyn eye pencil, and the color is perfect match to the eye shadow that I buy. This is a new make up company that I’m starting to like a lot because every single product that I buy till now is great in texture, in color and easy to apply. I must say that they are more expensive that the regular drugstore products.
And the third one is a Manhattan 60 seconds , quick dry nail polish in cherry color, that I think is a classic and is good to have and wear try all year.

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