Monday, April 28, 2014

5 ways to make your eyes bigger

 1.First curl your eyelashes , then put 2 coats of mascara in the upper lashes, and 1 coat in the lower  lashes. Applying the mascara in this way, your eyes will look larger and bigger.
2.For your eyes to look bigger visually , make sure that your eyebrows are always perfectly made, so all the focus will be on your eyes.

3. Always pick a concealer in soft pink color.

4. Put white eye pencil on your lower eyelashes.

5. Also the color of the eye shadow that you use , can make your eyes look bigger. To make this effect use the blue, brown and violet eye shadow if you have blue eyes. If you have brown eyes pick a blue, brown , green or nude color of eye shadow. And if you have green eyes , then pick a brown, gold, violet or peach color of eye shadow for your eyes. 

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