Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review:Dove shower gel !

Hi girls!
We all buy a lot of cosmetic products , but we don’t like all of them. So today I’m going to write you about one product that I don’t like and definitely not going to repurchase. That’s Dove  Go fresh shower gel.
I bought it couple a months  ago , in a local store for 3 euro I believe.  
First Impression : I liked to buy some Dove shower gel, so when I sow this one in the store, I immediately decide to buy it. The smell was ok for me and the price to. I think it was on some promotion ,so that was the turning point for buying. After using the product for the first time, I was satisfied whit it because the bath was enjoyable, but after using it the second time , I start hating it because it start drying my skin and that was something that I didn’t like at all.
 So after few weeks , when the bottle was empty, I was so happy that I’m not going to use this product any more.

Thinks that I like: Interesting packaging, fragrance, texture.
Thinks that I don’t like: Drying the skin, leaves   white marks to my skin.
Evaluation: 1/5

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