Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Products that I use for the firs time ...

Hello everyone ...

Today I’m going to write you a review  about some beauty products that I use for the first time.

Nivea washing gel

Nivea visage face scrub, or washing gel, is one of the product that I start loving from the first time that I use it. It is a great product that cleans your skin extra deep, it takes all of the make up and also it has antibacterial effect to the acne in your face. I use it 2 or 3 time in week, not every day because it has a little granules that scrub my  face, so whit 2 or 3 time a week my face is perfectly clean, soft and fresh. I love it and highly recommended.  

L'Oreal shampoo

L’Oreal Elseve shampoo whit arganine resist is a shampoo for fragile hair that make it stronger  whit the help of arganin and proteins.
When it comes to shampoos I like to change them in 1 or 2 months  , because when I use one for a long period of time, my scalp gets dry and my hair looks flat and messy. So I saw this product in the shop and it looks interesting for me. But when I start using  it I concluded that it’s not so good for my hair because after a week using it my hair start looking very very flat and dry, whit a lot of electricity.
However, my hair was stronger like it says on the packing , but the other effects that this shampoo does to my hair I definitely didn’t like. So I’m not going to repurchase this product.  

Dove shower gel

Dove shower gel whit fig extract -  I must say that except of the smell I’m not satisfy whit this product at all , because it dries my skin, it’s not so soft and smelly after  couples of hours .

Oriflame Muse

Oriflame Muse - It is the perfect combination of base notes for me. I love this smell of lilac. Try it, it is worth of every  penny that u pay for it.

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